MU (2024)
For feminine voice (mezzo soprano) and coffee machine (ca 5′). Written for Meinse Verhulst as part of the vocal composition prject at the Royal Conservatory of Antwerp.

The Glass Bead Game (2024)
For baritone, flute, piano, string quartet and percussion (ca. 7’30”). For the Young Conservatoire Students and Young Composers AP School of Arts – Antwerp.

Otterworldly (2023)
Soundtrack for the videogame Otterworldly. Cooperation with game design school HoWest.

Not One, Not Two (2023)
For dancer and cello solo (ca 4′). Written for the KCA dance project.

Blood-Red Iris (2023)
For piano solo (ca. 6′).

Travellers of Eternity (2023)
For chamber orchestra (ca 10′). In memoriam Wim Henderickx. Commissioned by Gemengd Koor Malkander.
*Premier 28 October 2023.

Revelations (2023)
For organ solo (ca. 9′).

Matcha (2023)
For piano solo (ca. 6′).

Left Unsaid (2023)
For carillon (ca. 9′). In memoriam Wim Henderickx.

Salve Regina (2023)
For mixed choir a cappella (ca. 3′).

Character Pieces (2022)
For piano solo (ca. 5′).

Refractions II (2022)
For symphonic orchestra (ca. 4). Written at SoundMine 2022.

Way of Flowers (2022)
For string orchestra and string quartet (ca. 3′). Written for the Haydn Jeugdstrijkorkest (HJSO) and premiered at Aurora Festival 2022.

Alea Iacta Est (2022)
For soprano saxophone, soundtrack and live electronics. Written and premiered by Iván Sánchez Iglesias.

Hibernation (2022)
For piano, soundtrack and film (ca. 6’30”).

First Winds (2022)
For Clarinet and guitar (ca. 8′). Written for Danielle Rossouw and Ekaterina Uvarova.
*1st prize in III International Competition among composers “THE TIME OF THE GUITAR” 2022

From Clouds (2022)
Guitar solo. 1st prize in III International Competition among composers “THE TIME OF THE GUITAR” 2022.

Grass as a Pillow (2021)
For mixed choir a cappella (ca. 15′).

And Then I Saw (2021)
For soundtrack (7′).

Bright Lights (2021)
For organ and soprano. Commissioned by Stichting MuziekNu.
*Recorded on CD by Ruud Huijbregts and Rianne Wilbers (Organ Works, 2021).

Autumn Colours (2021)
For clarinet, cello and piano (ca. 5′). Written for Chimaera Trio and premiered at the Mahler Festival 2021.

Ugetsu (2021)
For bass clarinet, double bass, accordion and percussion (ca. 10′). Written for But What About and premiered at Gaudeamus Muziekweek 2021.

Sencha (2021)
For piano solo (ca. 7′).

Hoshi no kage ni (2021)
Guitar solo (ca. 8′). Dedicated to and edited by Ekaterina Uvarova.
*3rd prize in II International Competition among composers “THE TIME OF THE GUITAR” 2021.

Kobucha (2020)
For piano solo (ca. 6′).
*Nominated for the Tera de Marez Oyens Award 2021.

Memory Lane (2020)
For clarinet, cello and piano (ca. 12′).
*Third prize in the Prinses Christina Compositieconcours 2020 ARTFACT

Panoramic Pulse (2020)
For organ solo. Dedicated to Jelena Bazova.

Six Songs on Japanese Verse (2020)
For soprano and piano (ca. 25′).

Oriental Grief (2017)
For soprano, clarinet, cello percussion and piano (ca. 8′). Written for Trio Burlesco+.
*Second prize at the Prinses Christina Compositieconcours 2017