Welcome to my new website!

For those who don’t know me (yet): my name is Maurick Reuser, pianist, composer and presentator from The Netherlands. I have interest in Japanese arts and culture, which offers me a lot of inspiration in my musical career. Last couple of years, my compositions received prizes internationally. My musical scores (various solo, ensemble and vocal/choir pieces) are available at Sonolize. In addition, I study public administration at Tilburg University.

Unfortunately, my previous website has been hacked beyond recovery, so this will be a tabula rasa. Check the Wayback Machine for all old content, or enjoy the content below.

You can contact me via e-mail: maurick_r@hotmail.com

”Refreshing, reflective, nuanced, contrasting, balanced and artisan. His mature work captivates musicians and audiences alike” (Vanessa Lann, American-Dutch composer)

”What I like particularly is that Maurick weaves all material cleverly together throughout the entire work. There is great unity, which causes that all musical moments don’t emerge separately like grains of sand, but are naturally connected to each other, arise from each other, refer to each other. Multiple stars under one sky…” (Leo Samama, Dutch composer and musicologist)

”Maurick Reuser has an extensive compositional toolbox. We will hear a lot from him!” (Wim Henderickx, Belgian composer)

‘Maurick has appeared as a versatile artist and musician. He is a master in composition and accompaniment.” (Ruud Huijbrechts, city organist of Eindhoven)