Hibernation is a work consisting of film, soundtrack and live piano. I created the work as part of the course Multimedia and Compositon, taught by Dutch composer Celia Swart.

In autumn 2021, someone told me about the amazing view from the top floor of the highest building of Tilburg University (called Koopmans), which looks over the Oude Warande, a local forest. I went to check it out immediately, was mesmerized by the autumnal colours and decided to go there again and capture the sights and sounds with a video camera and a tape recorder. Until six months later, I didn’t really know how to process all data into something I liked. Then, suddenly, I knew what to do and how I wanted it. Thus, Hibernation came into existence.

The film and soundtrack are fixed, but the live piano consists of parts sections which need to be synchronized with the film and sections which are essentially guided improvisations. The recording below features one possible execution of the piano part, but there are many ways to realize it. In an actual performance or exhibition, it’s preferred that the performer is visible. In addition, the work is also cyclical, so could be performed multiple times after each other, or even endlessly.

Unifying Appeal

Inspired by the current global actualities, I wrote a small piece for organ.

Unifying Appeal is characterized the juxtaposition of stern rhythms, organic melodies and lively signals. This material is inspired by the national hymns of Ukraine and Russia. The population of both countries are suffering. And the efforts of both peoples are needed to bring about peace.

Performed on 6 March 2022 by the composer on the organ (Pels) of the Petrus Donderskerk.

Read more about the organ: www.cantiqua.nl/orgel/

First Winds (2022)

For clarinet and guitar. 1st prize in III International Competition among composers “THE TIME OF THE GUITAR” 2022.

First Winds is written for Danielle Rossouw and Ekaterina Uvarova. One time, they were searching for music to play, but they couldn’t get their hands on much. I caught their frustration and decided to write a piece for them. Both Danielle and Ekaterina are skilled and talented musicians and it was only natural to pose them a musical challenge without making it difficult for difficulty’s sake. Hence, First Winds came into existence.

The structure of First Winds seems to be based on the dichotomy between measured and unmeasured sections. This dichotomy is false however. This peculiar structure is not created to emphasize the contrasts and differences, but to facilitate balance and harmony in the piece as a whole. In some way, this piece is an exercise in reciprocal writing on macro and micro level. Achieving harmony on meso level is entrusted to the performers: time markings are meant to guide the size and internal time distribution of unmeasured sections, as well as to aid in balancing the composition in its entirety.

It’s not possible to listen to a live performance of First Winds yet.

First prize for From Clouds and First Winds!

Last Tuesday 1 March, pianist and composer Maurick Reuser won two first prizes in the international composition competition The Time of the Guitar. The competition, in full name III International Competition among composers “THE TIME OF THE GUITAR“, took place online last month and was organized by the Moscow International Association of Guitar Art, a leading organization in international guitar music. The jury consisted of composers and guitarists from Italy, Canada, Finland and Russia.

Maurick receives the prizes for the guitar solo work From Clouds and First Winds, a duo for clarinet and guitar. His source of inspiration is the coming together of eastern and western cultures and how these can relate to each other. The exploration of balance, harmony, dynamics and space takes a central role. His favourite expression is fusoku-furi, which means ‘’not connected and not separated’’.

Read an article by Tilburg University in English or Dutch.

From Clouds (2022)

For guitar solo. 1st prize in III International Competition among composers “THE TIME OF THE GUITAR” 2022.

From Clouds is a guitar solo work of highly dynamic nature, dedicated to Ekaterina Uvarova. Many composers are influenced by clouds. Indeed, when one takes into account all their different shapes, intricate layering and sublime internal dynamics, sometimes smooth and hidden, sometimes violent and apparent, they are very fascinating phenomena. The guitar is an equally fascinating, dynamic and surprising instrument, although its possibilities may seem restricted at first glance. Thus, this piece honours both the possibilities of the clouds and the guitar.

After a thrilling and explosive opening, seemingly emerging out of thin air, way is made for a more seductive and exotic story. After gradually calming down more and more, a certain tragedy materializes. The shallow and intangible reminiscence of the explosive opening theme constantly alternates with more trustful and moving passages. An attempt at harmonizing with fate is made, although some kind of reconciliation only seems to take place after a few stern remarks. Suddenly, whirling winds take over, carrying the story back to the beginning, but this time more agitated and expressive.

Enjoy playing From Clouds!

It’s not possible to listen to a live performance of From Clouds yet.