My Cup of Tea!

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My Cup of Tea!

Maurick Reuser (piano), 1st year Master piano recital

On Thursday 3 June 2021, from 19:15 until 20:15h, live and via live-stream.

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Progam notes: English / Dutch.


Last year was my first year studying the Master of Music at FHK and I got involved deeply into Japanese arts and culture. My research into the characteristic aestheticism and its relation to Zen-Buddhism not only resulted in refreshing insights, but also led to new compositions. Kobucha is one of them and is the result of an unique experience – drinking Japanese kelp tea (called Kobucha). The impulsive, direct and authentic taste was intense, mind-blowing even, and forced me to do nothing but drinking this tea. ‘In the moment’, so to say. Kobucha works the same say! Through being itself, in time and space, and giving ample space to the performer, there are just as many possibilities in the sound as in the tea.

The first piece, Cosmos Haptic, takes place in a similar universe. Cosmos stands for the entire existential environment, and haptic refers to the perception and manipulation of objects through the sense of touch. This piece plays subtly and sensitively with the expansion and contraction of space and time.

The second piece, the Mozart piano sonata, brings us to a world we know much better. Although this music is in comparison with last piece way more predictable and concrete, there is ample space for surprise and drama! The piece consists of three movements, so don’t clap too early.

The third piece, High Window, takes again place in entirely different atmospheres. This piece is connected to a concept called Sen no ongaku, literally line music. The music consists of a progression of chords which all differ in colour and thickness – the musical line grows thicker, tinner, darker, lighter, etc. This way, this piece resembles Cosmos Haptic a lot!

To conclude, Kobucha. My cup of tea, so to say! *knipoog*


J. Yuasa – Cosmos Haptic (1957);

W.A. Mozart – Piano sonata in B flat major, K. 333 (1783);

            I. Allegro

            II. Andante cantabile

            III. Allegretto grazioso

J. Kondo – High Window (1996);

M. Reuser – Kobucha (2020).

Thanks to

Last year was fun, but not necessarily easy. Thanks to everyone making my life possible! Special thanks to my teachers Anthony Fiumara, Keiko Shichijou and especially Jelena Bazova, who taught me for six years and now retires.

Buy a ticket? Birthday present? Use NL87 RABO 0151 5869 85 t.n.v. M.N.F. Reuser (approximately €10 à €20).