Maurick Reuser is a pianist, composer and presenter from Tilburg, who is absorbed in Japanese culture and arts. Currently he investigates possibilities of the integration of Japanese music and culture into piano music. He works intensively as chamber musician and accompanist for singers and choirs as well. According to his colleagues:

Maurick has emerged as a versatile artist and musician, and he is a master of composition and accompaniment!”

Maurick recently won the national 3rd prize in the Prinses Christina Compositie Concours. Juror Vanessa Lann described Maurick’s Memory Lane (2020) as:

”Refreshing, reflective, nuanced, contrasting,  balanced and artisan. This mature work captivates musicians and audiences alike!

As (background) pianist, I play regularly in Muziekgebouw Eindhoven, Chassétheater Breda, Concertzaal Tilburg and Theater aan de Parade ‘s Hertogenbosch.
Funeral, wedding, or private party? I will create the perfect ambience sound for you and your guests! Varying from Classic and jazz till pop and movie music.

I am a fast sight-reader, and study quickly new pieces. Very useful for your auditions, or other last-minute-calls.

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